The Acanthamoeba Keratitis Virus

Acanthamoeba_polyphaga_cystAcanthamoeba as the name suggests is a naturally occurring amoebae (a tiny animal, single-cell) that is commonly found in water sources, such as tap water, hot tubs, swimming pools and dirty water coming from underground. Acanthamoeba infections in contact lens wearers are rare but serious, and often start because of ‘misuse of lenses and poor hygiene.

If these little parasites infect the eye, you can risk taking a dangerous pathology: the Acanthamoeba keratitis. This pathological condition has been diagnosed for the first time in 1973 and is caused in 90% of cases in people carrying contact lenses. To prevent Acanthamoeba keratitis you have to follow carefully lens care maintenance, and pay attention to the instructions you receive from your eye doctor.

Italian and European researchers have noted sporadic outbreaks of Acanthamoeba keratitis among contact lens wearers, which means that this disease is very common among people using these optical devices. US law says a risk 7 times higher than the norm of contracting Acanthamoeba keratitis associated to the ‘use of the solution for contact lenses‘ and suggested one of  the contact lenses producer (AMO Complete MoisturePlu)s to withdraw its product from the market. The solution for contact lenses by itself is not contaminated, but has been shown to be ineffective in preventing Acanthamoeba keratitis.

Proper maintenance of contact lenses reduces the risk of eye infections related to lenses, including those caused by Acanthamoeba. Prevention is always the best approach, because the Acanthamoeba keratitis can be extremely difficult to treat in fact, sometimes these infections require a corneal transplant, which represents a serious and dangerous surgical procedure. More information about this infection on wikipedia.

BBC uses WhatsApp to fight the Ebola virus

whatsapp-virusThe popular instant messaging service WhatsApp has been chosen by the BBC as a platform for a new public information service regarding the spread of the Ebola virus, addressed especially to mobile users zone of Africa most affected by the infection. BBC will leverage WhatsApp to supply the information service at zero cost, rather than sustain the (high) cost of sending traditional SMS.

To register for the service, which is completely free of charge, simply send a text message with WhatsApp ‘JOIN’ to the number +44 7702 348 651 (you need to first add the number to the phone book). To unsubscribe simply send a message with the text ‘ STOP ‘ to the same number. Information messages (up to a maximum of 3 per day) will be posted in English and French. One of the main issue of this service is that many people in Africa still do not have smartphone or recent mobile phones that can run whatsapp App. If you still don’t have a compatible smartphone try to use the alternative windows or the java version of whatsapp as explained here. More information about the BBC whatsapp service in the following video.

BBC WhatsApp Ebola News Service

The Healthy and Relaxing power of Swedish Massage

Cambridge - ukSwedish massage is one of the best-known and most common type of massage in the United Kingdom. The Swedish massage technique aim at relaxing the full body and increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, the circulation and flexibility of the muscles, decreasing  toxins and  easing tensions.

Recent studies, published in The New York Times and conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Cambridge (United Kingdom), demonstrated that people who received a 45-minute Swedish massage obtained an increase in the number of  immune cells and white blood cells (lymphocytes) that are part of the immune system, and a decrease in the arginine vasopressin hormone which control the level of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Swedish massages can be bracing and vigorous or gentle and slow, depending on the therapist’s style or on the patient needs. Indeed, another form of Swedish massage, called “Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Technique”, is a deep tissue massage which works more on pressure, to help relief from muscle pain. Swedish massages must be  performed by licensed and well trained massage therapists as shown in the video above.

Causes of swollen foot: Ankle Edema and Pitting

According to the medical encyclopedia, Ankle Edema is a condition of swollen ankles, feet and legs. However, the swelling is painless. This painless condition is known as ‘Edema’. One of the main causes of Ankel Edema is the fluid retained in the spaces between the body cells. It is generally observed that the swelling appears below the knees. However, doctors believe that the retained fluid may affect any other part of the body too, causing edema.

Listed below are some of the causes of Ankle Edema, besides the excess retention of fluid in the cells.

– Poor diet consisting of carbohydrates and a lot of salt.

– Overdose of laxatives, drugs and diuretics.

– Birth control or hormone replacement therapy pills.

– PMS and pregnancy.

– Excess sodium retention in body.

– Varicose veins and phlebitis.

– Susceptibility to allergic reactions.

– Neuromuscular disorders.

– Trauma.

Foot swelling or Ankle Edema: A common problem, particularly observed in older people, is swollen foot or Ancle Edema. The affected part is usually below the knees. It may affect one or both the legs and may even include the calves or thighs, in some cases. Swelling is observed due to gravity.

Swollen foot or Ankle Edema as understood, is primarily caused by the retention of fluid in the cells. The retention can take place in any part of the body, but the most common areas are the feet and ankles.

The common symptoms of foot swelling or Anckle Edema are:

– Puffiness in the body.

– Abnormal abdominal bloating.

– Swelling of a particular body part, as in localized edema.

– Swelling throughout the body, as in the case of generalized edema.

Swollen Ankle: Is it always Edema?
Swelling in ankles or feet is not always due to edema. Injury, infection or disease can also account for a hidden lump or swelling. Edema is one of the many causes of swelling. The cause could also be the obstruction of lymph. The most common way of finding out if the swelling in the ankle is due to Ankle Edema, is by checking for pain. The swelling due to edema is painless.

Pitting Edema: The Ankl Edema can be categorized in two ways, depending on the way it appears. They are:

Pitting Edema: If any indentation is left on the swollen area, that fills slowly when you press a finger against the body part, the condition is clinically referred to as Pitting Edema or pitted edema.

Non-pitting Edema: If no indentation is left on the skin, after you press a finger into the swollen area, for about five seconds, the condition is known as Non-pitting Edema.

For treating both, the Pitting as well as the Non-Pitting Edema, you could try some home based therapies like, a pressure reducing mattress, a lamb’s wool pad and most importantly continue with your daily routine. However, in case of any unexplained swelling, contact your doctor at the earliest. While on the prescribed medication for Ankle Edema, make sure that the drugs do not have any severe side effects, especially on older people.

Hemorrhoids cure: natural treatment at home can provide an easy cure and cause you less pain.

Hemorrhoids Cure With Natural remedies:
Whether you suffer from internal or external hemorrhoids natural treatment is simple. Increasing your intake of fiber will greatly reduce the potential for hemorrhoids to form, and can lessening the irritation of existing irritation. Constipation is a main cause of the formation of Hemorroids. Increasing water and fiber consumption, simultaneously, will decrease your likelihood of becoming constipated. Psyllium and flax seeds are both natural sources of fiber which are easy to add to any diet. Flax seeds can be sprinkled on salads or can be found in a variety of organic cereals. Psyllium is found in high-fiber breakfast cereal. Bioflavonoids are another plant-derived compound known for its anti-inflammatory characteristics and its ability to strengthen blood vessels. Ruscus aculeatus, or commonly know as box holly or sweet broom, is comprised of ruscogen. Ruscogen has properties which alleviate swelling and inflammation. Ruscus aculeatus can be found in several forms such as capsule, tea, ointment. It can also be applied to the affected area in the form of a compress. It has been noted that taking sweet broom is one of the best ways to stop external bleeding. Witch hazel is the one of the most common natural ingredients that can be found in a wide variety of over-the-counter hemorrhoid treatments and is formally know as Hamamelis virginiana. Witch hazel should never be ingested, but instead, should be applied in ointment, cream or compress form. Overtime and with consistent use over the course of treatment, the astringent qualities of witch hazel stop itching, pain, swelling and discharge. Nearly all hemorrhoid pads and wipes currently on the market contain witch hazel and provide the best direct external relief when used immediately after going to the bathroom. Chamomile, although a less commonly known treatment for hemorrhoids, has a standing tradition of anti-inflammatory qualities and works best when directly applied externally in oil, cream, or compress form. It is very important that you consult with a pharmacist or fully research any particular herbal supplement or at home remedy prior to treatment to avoid any adverse reactions due to any other related on non-related course of treatment or medical condition you may be experiencing.

Hemmorhoids Cure and Remedies and treatments to try at home:The best course of treatment at home should include a combination of remedies. At the onset of external bleeding or pain, you should address the external and internal cause of the attack for the best and quickest cure. For starters, you should increase your intake of water and fiber. Along with this increase you should ingest a stool softener or herbal home remedy, such as box holly or sweet broom, to alleviate swelling and improve vascular circulation. Using pads or wipes that are medicated and contain witch hazel will provide the best and most immediate relief after a bowel movement. It is also recommended that you routinely apply cream or ointment through out the day to stop external bleeding, swelling, and discomfort.

Hemorrhoids Cure – Common causes of hemorrhoids:It is speculated that there are number of triggers which can result in a painful hemorrhoid attack but it is not completely understood why Hemorhoids
enlarge or descend. Best known causes of hemorrhoids and external anal bleeding include pregnancy, poor fiber intake, prolonged sitting and straining on the toilet, dehydration and lack of physical exercise. Age is a large factor. The majority of people who experience hemorrhoid attacks are within the age of 45 to 65. It seems that over time the tissue and blood vessels which make up the hemorrhoid cushion of the anal cavity break down causing a sharp increase in the likelihood and potential of an attack.

Hemorrhoids Cure: Other treatments to consider:When herbal remedies and homes treatments fail to cure or even alleviate external bleeding, pain, and swelling associated with a hemorrhoid attack it may be best to consider seeking more serious medical means of relief by consulting a physician. There several medical procedures such as surgery or prescription medicine that can cure your particular condition.

Umbilical Hernia Picture: Can surgery repair the symptoms in adults?

A Complete Umbilical Hernia Picture: Falling under the category Paraumbilical Hernia, hernias developing in umbilicus as well as in the surrounding regions are the result of existing congenital weakness of vessels of the fetal and infant umbilical cord that exits through the muscle of the abdominal wall. The weakness, if not treated, bulges and opens in a progressive manner; as a result, the content of the abdominal cavity protrudes through, bringing forth navel deformity, an associated bulge and pain at or near the navel area. Umbilical Hernea may occur at any time of one’s life; though in infants, they gradually close by 3 or 4 years of age, in adults, umbilical hernias gradually increase resulting in incarceration or strangulation if proper care is not taken.

Umbilical Hernia in Adults: A progressive and significant tension on the congenital area of weakness being the cause behind umbilical Herina in adults, the cure lies in closing the defective muscle tissue and placing it under significant inward tension. Tension Free mesh repair, as it is termed, the benefits of this certain process is minimal post-operative pain and zero complications.

Umbilical Hernia Repair: Umbilical hernia repair in adults can occur either through surgery or through prosthetic repair, the latter becoming the standard treatment in the recent times. Normally involving a cut or incision in the umbilical area, it’s a couple-of-hours long affair that can be done with local, spinal, or general anesthetic, depending upon the patient’s age, general health, and complexity of the condition.

Umbilical Hurnea Surgery: Umbilical Hernya surgery starts with making an incision underneath the belly button; the herniated tissues are then isolated and restored back within the abdominal cavity. The procedure can be a traditional open surgery or a laparoscopic one, which involves a few, very small cuts that are closed with sutures, or by fine sterile surgical mesh, which provides additional strength. A tension-free procedure, as it is called, is a One-Day procedure that allows to resume normal activities without undue concern for recurrence.

Chronic Leukemia in an adult: The myeloid and lymphocytic symptom

Adult Chronic Leukemia: A type of cancer initiating in blood-forming cells of the bone marrow, chronic leukemia gradually spreads to other parts of the body affecting the lymph nodes, liver, spleen, skin and the brain, an exact opposite of the other types of cancer that start in organs and then spread to the bone marrow.

Chronic Myeloid Leukemia:Before getting down to the finer details, let’s have a look at what is meant by chronic leukemia as a whole. A disease involving an extra production of the leukocytes or white blood cells and characterized by their immature and abnormal appearance causing a very high Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate is termed as Lukemia, that are classified according to morphologic, cytochemical, and immunologic criteria.

A type of cancer of the blood that also affects the bone marrow to create abnormal myeloblasts, red blood cells and platelets, chronic myeloid Luekemia or AML is the most common type that affects the adults. The type of immature white blood cells AML gives rise to are called myeloid blasts which, do not mature into healthy white blood cells, thus proving insufficient for carrying on with their usual functions. They also crowd the bone marrow and the blood leaving less room for healthy blood cells, aggravating infection, anemia and easy bleeding. Moreover, just like any other forms of cancer, the leukemia cells spread out; there are instances where they even captured the central nervous system.

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia: An acquired injury to the DNA of a single cell being responsible, the cause for which is still unknown, it initiates an uncontrolled growth of the cells in the bone marrow that accumulate but do not impede normal blood cell production.

Chronic Lukimia symptom: Though we mentioned earlier a few signs that may indicate Leukimia, the five symptoms that confirm are as follows:

·Extreme fatigue: Though energy levels vary from person to person, but this kind of fatigue is uncommon if not a person is a victim of the disease. Marked by a sudden feeling of collapsing or becoming tired after a few minutes of typing or similar other light jobs are thus a concern.

·Painful swelling of lymph nodes or spleen: Indistinct lymph nodes, when become visible all in a sudden in the neck, groin, and under arms, followed by heavy sweating at night and a shortness of breath, it denotes leukemia.

·Nausea: A symptom that starts out in the form of an upset stomach, often gives rise to severe sickness (e.g. flu) that do not go away very easily. If it happens combined with any other symptoms mentioned above, an immediate medical advice would be the right thing to go for.

·Back and joint pain: These show up only during the nighttime, but never at the same place and are short-lived ones.

·Severe weight loss: What starts off as a loss in appetite and constant indigestion soon turns a person weak, rendering the body unable to fight back infections and other diseases that might set in.

Free Online Ovulation And Conception Calculator, Ovulation Calendars, Baby Center Ovulation Calendar

Ovulation and Conception Calculator: The release of a mature egg from a woman’s ovary is defined as ovulation. It is usually quite regular and generally occurs around the 14th day of a normal 28-day menstrual cycle. Knowing the time of ovulation is usually a good tool to ensure successful conception since it is the most fertile time for a woman. Maximum fertility is during 24 hours before and after ovulation. An ovulation and conception Calculater is designed to be a prediction tool for this time based on the woman’s cycle.

If your cycle is irregular on occasion, you can still use the ovulation and conception Caculator. However, if it varies frequently between 21 to 35 days, or if you completely miss periods, your cycle is too irregular. Constantly irregular periods may mean that you are ovulating irregularly, so the calculator won’t work and should not be used as a fertility predictor. If your cycle is consistently irregular, do not use the Calcualtor. Also, it is important to note that ovulation calculators should not be used as a method of contraception, or for predicting your ovulation to avoid pregnancy.

Free Online Ovulation Calculator: Many of the websites dealing with pregnancy information also provide free online ovulation calculators. These range from the free trial versions which you may have to pay for at a later date if you wish to continue using it, to the entire downloadable ovulation calculator. These calculators can also help you to predict the actual due date of the birth of your child, along with the likely date for conception, as well as possible times that are supposed to be good for trying to conceive either a boy or a girl.

In addition, to the free online ovulation calculators these sites also provide relevant medical Information including ovulation basics, relation of ovulation to pregnancy and contraception, and so on, discuss new technology, myths, and medical advances and provide links to similar or related sites.
Ovulation Claculator Calendar: The Ovulation Calulater calendar is designed for every woman, and helps you to keep track of your menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Regardless of whether your ultimate goal is to achieve pregnancy or to avoid it, the calendar ca help you calculate the date of your ovulation, figure out your fertile and infertile days, and in short gives you all the information you may need.

The Ovulation calculator calendar can be a help to you in your efforts at getting pregnant. It can forecast the date of your ovulation and you fertile days as well as pinpoint early pregnancy symptoms. It automatically calculates date your baby is due. It can help you track your pregnancy and can be an aid in planning events, vacations, etc.

Baby Center Ovulation Calendar: is one of the pregnancy related websites that offer a free online ovulation calendar. The baby center free ovulation calendar helps you to find out when you are most likely to ovulate, increasing your chances of conception. The baby center ovulation calendar is very simple to use. All you have to do is enter the first day of your last period and the normal length of your cycle that can be anything from 20 to 45 days. When you click calculate, the baby center ovulation calendar tells you when your fertile period is likely to be, when you are going to be most fertile and your approximate due date if you conceive during those days.

Pro anorexia, healthy diet for anorexia and secret weight loss tips

Online Weight watcher point calculator FreeAnorexia and secret weight loss tips: Anorexia is an eating disorder, where people starve themselves. This disorder usually begins in young people who are experiencing the onset of puberty. Those who suffer from Anerexia, lose a lot of weight. Such people are very skinny, but they feel that they are overweight. You can lose weight in several ways. Excessive exercise, lack of sufficient food in-take and regular intake of laxatives are some of the common ways adopted. People who suffer from this disorder think that they are overweight and they develop strange eating habits like refusing to eat in front of others or preparing big meals and not eating any of it. Anorexia is common among young girls, people who belong to the high socioeconomic class and individuals involved in certain activities where a thin figure is looked upon with awe, like theater, dance or distance running. Patients who are anorexic tend to lose weight fast as compared to others. There are a number of anorexic eaters who have set ideas related to undesirable and desirable bodies. They might consider a fat person thin and vice versa. Anorexic people have some strong mental images and clear goals that can actually be emulated by healthy ways. There are a lot of people who lack clear body goals. They have no idea about how their body will look when they reach the final weight loss goal. For ensuring success in weight loss, you need to have a goal for your body’s size and shape. But you also need to remember that very thin people are basically considered to be unhealthy and such a thing should be avoided.

It is always good to pick a normal size for your goal. Secret weight loss tips from health experts can help you attain that perfect figure and save you from starving yourself and developing anorexia. It is advisable to follow the popular and tested secret weight loss tips rather than getting anorexic.
Pro-anorexia tips: There are a number of good and harmful pro Anarexia tips available. Many people are intentionally harming their bodies just to achieve the slim body goal. You can do a lot of things to stay slim and in shape. There is no need to take drugs or try any harmful methods. It is better to be energetic and slim than follow pro anorexic tips and look weak and sick, without any energy to accomplish something. Exercise is considered to be one of the good pro anorexia tips. Try to exercise regularly than swallow some pills. There are several exercises and you just need to find the one you like doing. It will not only bring you back in shape, but you will also start looking healthier and slimmer. This will train your body to produce more energy than it burns. It can be very helpful if you are already suffering from anorexia nervosa. Make a slow start and keep the advantages in mind. The other pro anorexia tip is healthy eating. Learn about the calories in different foods and avoid consuming those, which could be destructive to your goals.
Healthy diet tips to avoid Anoerxia: Annorexia is a disorder that can be characterized by a significant loss in weight due to excessive dieting. But it is always good to follow healthy diet tips rather than get anorexic. Many anorexic patients avoid food and do not take in calories at any cost and that might result in death. There are several websites on the Internet where you can find popular and healthy and pro diet tips to fight anorexia.