The Acanthamoeba Keratitis Virus

Acanthamoeba as the name suggests is a naturally occurring amoebae (a tiny animal, single-cell) that is commonly found in water sources, such as tap water, hot tubs, swimming pools and dirty water coming from underground. Acanthamoeba infections in contact lens wearers are rare but serious, and often start because of ‘misuse of lenses and poor hygiene. […]

BBC uses WhatsApp to fight the Ebola virus

The popular instant messaging service WhatsApp has been chosen by the BBC as a platform for a new public information service regarding the spread of the Ebola virus, addressed especially to mobile users zone of Africa most affected by the infection. BBC will leverage WhatsApp to supply the information service at zero cost, rather than […]

The Healthy and Relaxing power of Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is one of the best-known and most common type of massage in the United Kingdom. The Swedish massage technique aim at relaxing the full body and increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, the circulation and flexibility of the muscles, decreasing  toxins and  easing tensions. Recent studies, published in The New York […]